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”Don’t shot bad shots!”

Life is too short, you ever heard that? Well, life’s too short for bad shots so don’t take them. The faster you identify a bad shot the quicker you can reframe and take a great one instead. The biggest lessen you can ever learn is to find what’s so bad about the shot and make it a great one. In the end of the day, its you who is responsible for the shots you take, so why make them bad?

I use to say that I’m on a constant journey for the perfect shot, and that is still true. Its a constant battle to find out what works and how to get there. Same thing will never work twice but you will learn from it.

We want to share what we’re doing but also spread what we find important or just because its a straight up awesome film, clip or quote.

Amanda Winberg – Shutdown Video

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New video shot for Amanda Winberg and the track “Shutdown”. Recorded at Stockholm studios and directed by Mauri Chifflét. Cinematography by Emil Klang and Digital Intermedia by Illusion Photo.

Mauri Chifflét – Director
Emil Klang – Director of Photography
Anton Holm – 1 st Assistant Camera
Sebastian Shield – Gaffer
Anton Sjöberg – Best Boy Electrician
Niklas Larsson – DIT
Mido Lindholm – Set Designer
Alex Eneroth – Production Assistant
Maggie Chinchilla – Stylist
Emelie Eriksson – Stylist Assistant
Johanna Spadaro – Stylist Assistant
Elvira Brandt – Makeup
Julia Finucane – Makeup Assistant
Anna Ståhl – Choreographer
Hannah Ohlsson – Choreographers Assistant
Paula Santa Eufemia – Dancer
Isabella Londos – Dancer
Kamilla Halid – Dancer
Mauri R Chifflét – Editor
Sebastian Guest – Grade
Martin Sandin – Producer
Henrik Lagercrantz – Executive Producer

Production company: Social Club / Art & Poetic Reality

RED Weapon 6K

Industrial filming with RED Weapon 6K

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We’re now wrapped a 2 day shooting RED Weapon 6K in industrial environment with anything from welding, cutting and acid baths. The idea is to show the manufacturing of stainless pipes and tubs for the food and health industry. The client has a very close customer service to its clients and that was of the essence to portray in the film. Read More

How to make Medicin continues

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After a few production days during the autumn we’re getting closer to wrap. Its a huge engine to run since the production-line in the factory cannot be stopped or delayed. We’re aiming to tell the story of the production with lots of movements and planned shots rather then “run ‘n gun” which means every take is planned around the daily work, yet planned as a feature film were everything circles around the talent. The pills.

Stay tuned!