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Industrial filming with RED Weapon 6K

By February 27, 2016RED
RED Weapon 6K

We’re now wrapped a 2 day shooting RED Weapon 6K in industrial environment with anything from welding, cutting and acid baths. The idea is to show the manufacturing of stainless pipes and tubs for the food and health industry. The client has a very close customer service to its clients and that was of the essence to portray in the film.

All of the scenes was shot at 50fps to get a greater amount of frames to play with but also the ability to speed up or down the scene. If you shoot at 25fps you can’t slow it down since the frames does not exist but now we have options.

The film is shot in wide scope since Vimeo these day support a 2.35:1 aspect ration but all the shots are frames for 16:9 to have the option of reframing in post production.

All the wide shots was taken by Blackmagic Production Camera 4K mounted on a DJI Ronin to be really quick from wide to close-up. This work-flow tend to cut down rig time since the BMPC is already rigged and good to go. It will be really interesting to see how the BMPC and RED Weapon 6K cuts together. In my opinion, they should but the question is, why not shoot the whole film with BMPC? For those who have shot with the BMPC, the settings is much more limited and the accuracy of getting the perfect shot is up to the camera and not to you. Why should the camera dictate when the perfect shot is coming? It should be you. Its a good companion but not a leader of the pack.

To conclude the shoot, RED Weapon 6K is defiantly a quick system to work with and still deliver a beautiful shot. When you look at the image and instantly see great quality and can with confidence see the focus, exposure and framing, you will also know if you got the shot or not.

So far, I would not compromise.

//Illusion Photo