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What is Film?

In this day and age, film is so much more then just film. Its a tool of communication, a way to express emotion and a capture media. Film can be shot on video and a video can be shot on film, but the question is what do you wanna accomplish?

Illusion Photo believe that the best tool you can have, is the right one. Every time we go into a production we choose a tool portrait your vision and to communicate your idea. No matter what media your aiming for.



We’re super-excited to announce that Illusion Photo has invested in a RED WEAPON 6K and the services is available right now! We’ve been working with RED since the dawn of time, 2007, with the production Frost. The RED ONE was not even available in Europe the first time we shot with it in Norway and its the only camera we would invest in.

Now the RED comes with the famous Dragon sensor which delivers 6K but the upgrade is just around the corner to 8K which will give a huge advantage for large scale productions shooting Vista Vision.

  • 6K Resolution
  • ProRes Recording simultaneously
  • Workflow for quick n’ dirty
  • Capability to serve large productions
  • Extremely scalable
  • By the way, soon to be 8K…


Four videos to give a flare of what we do. To see all of the videos check out our film-section.


Amanda Winberg – Shutdown Video

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New video shot for Amanda Winberg and the track “Shutdown”. Recorded at Stockholm studios and directed by Mauri Chifflét. Cinematography by Emil Klang and Digital Intermedia by Illusion Photo. CREDITS: Mauri…

Moving stills photography

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Is it possible to pull stills from a moving picture? In theory its been possible but the reality has been a complete different story. Pulling stills has been some kind…

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